Quantum Tales


A series of short stories describing quantum algorithms and their use-cases.

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Quantum Tales

Explore the world of quantum through the lens of classic fairy tales. Thanks to the generous support of the Unitary Fund, I am able to write this book and relate algorithms to fanciful situations. My goal is to demonstrate interesting qualities and applications of quantum computing in real life.

For each story, I include its inspiration in the sources/ directory. If you’re unfamiliar with a tale, I recommend that you read the original story. This project is serving two goals: one is to bring quantum to more audiences, and the other is to spread countries’ stories across borders.

Upcoming stories:

  1. What Came of Picking Flowers

    • Bernstein-Vazirani
  2. The Lady, or the Tiger?

    • Superposition
  3. The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter

    • Variational Quantum Eigensolver
  4. The Red and Blue Coat

    • Many-Worlds Interpretation
  5. TBD

    • Interference

Google Docs

The book is written in Google Docs to encourage collaboration. If there is something that doesn’t make sense or an improvement you’d like to make, please leave suggestions in the Google Doc. I have a strict method for the writing that can be in Quantum Tales, so I exert the right to edit any suggestion.

There are two links:

  1. For viewing
  2. For editing

PDF Format

Quantum Tales is offered as a beautiful PDF, complete with illustrations from the talented Larissa Sharina. It is available here.

If you’d prefer to preview it, this frame is hosted from Adobe.

If you enjoy the project, you can help fund more illustrations by purchasing the hardcover here. The printing is of the highest quality, bringing the illustrations and story to a timeless medium.

GitHub Repository

All other code samples and notes are in the GitHub repository. This project is ongoing and will expand as more tales are related to more algorithms. So, feel free to make a pull request and have your name added to the illustrious list of contributors!


Contact me at spence@duck.com with any input about the project or create an issue on GitHub.